The Something Wicked Story

In the 1890's a Mr. Elijah Bond created a simple tool that has become infamous. The device was a simple wood tablet that had the ability to talk with the dead. 

Since then, Ouija, has become a worldwide phenomenon. But one main component of the idea changed. It became this pretty, ornate looking piece of art. 

The original appeal to Ouija boards is their foreboding nature, the idea that you could accidentally talk to something you are not supposed to. However, how can that happen with a piece of such pretty art. 

It is our goal to recapture the initial wonder of those first boards and bring back that raw and ethereal intrigue. Our boards are made by hand, with simple designs that let you project your thoughts, your fears onto them. 

And in the essence of who we are, and the practices we keep, we've added our "Something Wicked Sigil".

So, take caution and care with our boards. These aren't pieces of art (they could be), because should you choose to use the tools we create something will answer the call. That something might very well be wicked.